Face Mask Brush


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Our face mask brush and mineral face masks are some of our most in-demand products. There is no better feeling than applying a nourishing and hydrating mask after a long day at work. Our masks are one of the easiest ways to recreate that amazing in-home spa treatment feeling.  They will also do wonders for your overall skin health.

A complementing product to our face masks is our vegan friendly, all natural, Face Mask Brush. This high quality face mask application brush, is luxuriously soft and provides an even application for your Detoxifying Mineral Mask or Gentle Mineral Mask. Each brush is approx. 14cm in length and made with vegan friendly bristles. We also recommend pairing this product with our Handmade Face Mask Bowl, for easy preparation!


There are two key reasons that we recommend using an application brush over using your hands. The first, is that the design of our brush ensures you are spreading an even layer of the mixture over your skin. By using a face mask brush, it helps evenly distribute it over your pores. Ensuring you get the best possible outcome from your treatment.

The second reason, is that it is important not to introduce dirt and bacteria into the face mask. Which can happen when you use your fingers to apply it. Transferring dirt and germs from your hands onto your face while applying the mask can hinder its best results. It also stops the mask from reaching its full pore-cleansing potential.

Need more persuasion? Using an applicator means, no clumping of the mixture on your skin and, overall, less product wastage. The best bit – using our soft bristled brush, will leave you feeling pampered and refreshed!

Rinse in warm soapy water after use and leave out to dry naturally.